Army Of The Dead Being A Hit May Convince WB To Restore The SnyderVerse

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From now until the end of time, every one of Zack Snyder’s new projects will almost inevitably come burdened with speculation that it could have an impact on the resurrection of the SnyderVerse. Warner Bros. have moved on, and the filmmaker has clearly made his peace with the fact that his time at the helm of the DCEU is over, but fans will continue to stoke the smallest embers just in case there’s a possibility it might happen.

Insider Daniel Richtman is now reporting that Army of the Dead being a huge success for Netflix may convince WB to restore the SnyderVerse, and while this isn’t the first time we’ve heard something similar, there isn’t exactly a direct correlation between the two that could see one lead to the other.

“Army Of The Dead being a hit may convince WB to bring Snyder back and restore his universe,” says Richtman.

For one thing, Army of the Dead is an original concept that also happens to be incredibly R-rated, while the SnyderVerse was staunchly PG-13 from a theatrical perspective, based on some of pop culture’s most iconic characters and the DC catalogue is one of Warner’s crown jewels. Then there’s the apples-to-oranges comparisons between drawing in big numbers on a streaming service and replicating it in terms of box office dollars.

The merger between AT&T has also been mooted as a possible method for the SnyderVerse to ascend from the ashes, but at the end of the day, that’ll be a long way from the top of the priority list when the deal closes even in the best case scenario. Looking at the facts, though, the filmmaker delivered a streaming exclusive two months ago that millions of people watched and couldn’t stop talking about, which was literally part of the SnyderVerse and WB did nothing, so it’s unclear how or why Army of the Dead would convince the execs to change their minds.