Army Of The Dead Is Now Playing And Fans Are Loving It

Army of the Dead

Next week, Army of the Dead will hit Netflix and is shaping up to be one of their biggest original movies to date. However, the film is seeing a limited theatrical release this weekend, allowing those lucky enough to have cinemas open near them the chance to experience Zack Snyder’s zombie heist caper early.

Most of us will have to wait until the 21st to watch Dave Bautista’s rough and tumble gang venturing into an undead-infested Las Vegas to retrieve the contents of a safe before the city is nuked. But thankfully, the movie’s first 15 minutes were unveiled during a YouTube live event on Thursday afternoon and the footage was awesome.

This clip revealed the origins of the zombie outbreak, with a military convoy transporting something secret from Area 51 being derailed after a, uh… distracted driver crashes headlong into them. The rest of the footage shows how the city fell, featuring some seriously badass gore and zombie action. And it seems that it’s an accurate representation of the full thing, with those who’ve now seen Army of the Dead in theaters taking to Twitter to praise it, as you can see below.

Bautista is pretty hyped, too, teasing us that the film goes to some unexpected places by saying the following:

“I’ve seen it like five times already. I’m not kidding. I don’t wanna have you go in with super high expectations, but you should. There’s something about the end of this film that I’m absolutely obsessed with.”

The majority of us will find out exactly what he’s talking about when Army of the Dead hits Netflix on May 21st. But again, it’s also now playing in select cinemas and judging from the reactions above, it seems like the kind of film that may be best when viewed with an audience. Of course, that’s not possible for everyone at the moment, but no matter how you choose to watch it, don’t miss Snyder’s latest, as it promises to be one of 2021’s highlights.