Arnie Teases Bearded Look For New Terminator Movie


Arnold Schwarzenegger has been spending some time in the gym – not that that’s particularly newsworthy in and of itself, but this time, he’s brought company: Gabriel Luna.

The former Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star has signed on to play a machine for The Terminator, Tim Miller and James Cameron’s franchise revival that looks set to quietly retcon Genisys (thank the heavens) late next year. Filming has already commenced across parts of Europe – namely Madrid and Hungary – after fans were treated to an early peek at the film’s leading ladies: Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor), Mackenzie Davis (Grace) and Natalia Reyes (Dani Ramos).

And while he’s yet to set foot on The Terminator set himself (that we know of), Schwarzenegger has shared a new workout photo in which he’s seen rocking a beard and putting Gabriel Luna through his paces. Entitled “machine learning,” the franchise veteran adopts the role of a personal trainer to the incoming Luna, who’s expected to play a corrupt machine designed to hunt (and potentially kill?) Dani Ramos.

He certainly looks the part, as most of Skynet’s killing machines tend to take the form of a physically imposing human – a tradition that really began with Arnie all those years ago. Whether Gabriel Luna’s predator is secretly collaborating with Mackenzie Davis’s Grace is another question entirely, given her body scars strongly suggest that she, too, is a machine (a “soldier assassin” of sorts) built by Skynet and sent back from the future.

We still have a long way to go before The Terminator is playing in theaters (November 22nd, 2019), but until then, you can chime in with your early impressions of Tim Miller’s sequel via the comments section below.