Here’s Your First Look At The Leading Ladies Of The Terminator


Sarah Connor is back in black. And she’s brought two new allies.

As filming continues across parts of mainland Europe, The Terminator has today unveiled our first official peek at Tim Miller’s leading ladies: Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor), Mackenzie Davis (Grace) and Natalia Reyes (Dani Ramos). And, frankly, it’s everything we’ve hoped for.

Not only is Hamilton’s Resistance leader packing serious heat (and a pair of badass aviators), but this image also offers an up-close look at Davis’ mystery character, who may well be the latest incarnation of the Terminator, if those etchings on her skin are anything to go by.

And then there’s Natalia Reyes as Dani, a character who’s seemingly on the verge of becoming the franchise’s new flag-bearer in lieu of Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Chances are she’ll be fighting against the machines late next year, but we can’t be too sure.

Because with so many conflicting reports scattered across the interwebs, a thick veil of secrecy continues to hang over The Terminator reboot – not that we would have it any other way, of course. Speculation is rife that Mackenzie Davis’ character is actually a machine – a “soldier assassin” of sorts built by Skynet and sent back to the past, where it encounters the young Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes).

Previous set photos support this theory as well, as they appeared to show Davis covered in gruesome body scars, perhaps as a way of concealing her metal exoskeleton hiding beneath her prosthetic skin. Could it be that she’s actually part human, part machine and doesn’t realize it yet? Time will tell.

Tim Miller’s continuation of the Terminator franchise is booked in for a theatrical release on November 22nd, 2019.