Arnold Schwarzenegger Expecting More Twins?


When Arnold Schwarzenegger recently announced that he’d be coming out of retirement, the blogosphere lit up with excitement. There was talk of him taking on some new, challenging projects that would push him to the limit of his craft. Take, for example, the rumored With Wings As Eagles, which would see him as a Nazi officer burdened with the unenviable task of murdering children during WWII. Might we see a new side of The Oak? One weathered with maturity and esteem and prestige?

Apparently not, because since then, Schwarzenegger seems to have attached himself to sequels of almost every movie property he has under his belt. Couple that with his animated project The Governatorand it seems like Arnold is content with taking the easy route back into film.

Today brings the most troubling development in this story, though, with Arnold Schwarzenegger being rumored to reunite with Danny DeVito and Ivan Reitman for a sequel to Twins. Yes, that Twins. The one filed just under Kindergarten Cop and just above Junior and Jingle All The Way in Schwarzenegger’s lengthy comedic filmography.

Australian site What’s Playing reports that “Knowing Arnold, Danny De Vito and Ivan Reitman are all still in touch and want to work together again, Universal came to them about it. It’s a germ of an idea that could spread fast.”

Yup, it’s a germ of an idea, all right. Here’s hoping he gets this goofiness out of his system and moves on to doing something a little more… well, anything, really. We didn’t wait seven long years for this!