Arnold Schwarzenegger Reportedly Returning In Multiple Terminator Projects

Terminator: Dark Fate

Eventually, people are going to have to get used to the idea of Terminator without Arnold Schwarzenegger. Of course, a lot of folks would probably be happy if they never had to see or hear from the franchise again following three failed reboots in the space of ten years that all said the same exact thing, only to fall at the first hurdle.

Indeed, Salvation, Genisys and Dark Fate were all hyped up by their respective creative teams as the Terminator movie fans have been wanting to see since James Cameron’s Judgment Day back in 1991, which always felt like something of a slight towards Jonathan Mostow’s entertaining Rise of the Machines. However, each one of them underperformed critically and commercially, and you know it’s bad when the stars of the movies themselves are forced to admit that fans have completely lost interest in the brand.

As a 73 year-old man with a history of heart problems, time is fast running out for Schwarzenegger’s career as a viable action hero, and with Dark Fate losing over $120 million to send Skydance back to the drawing board for a third time since they first picked up the rights, the longer the property stays in cold storage, the less likely the big Austrian’s return becomes.

However, insider Daniel Richtman is reporting that Schwarzenegger is set to appear in multiple Terminator projects, although the tipster offers nothing more other than that. As things stand, there are no live-action efforts in the works, but over the last few months, Richtman has claimed that a future-set movie overseen by James Cameron, a PG-13 theatrical sequel and a TV show for Hulu are all on the way, as well a deeper exploration of Skynet, multiple female Terminators and Cameron assuming full creative control, so it’s best to wait and hear it from the horse’s mouth before getting too excited about Arnie’s latest comeback.