Arnold Schwarzenegger Still Game For Old Man Conan Movie

Over on Twitter, Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that he's still crossing his fingers in the hope of an Old Man Conan movie.


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Say what you will about Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the man isn’t about to let go of his cinematic legacy anytime soon – for better or worse.

With a new Terminator movie on the horizon, in which he’s set to star opposite fellow series legend Linda Hamilton, Schwarzenegger fans will soon get their next dose of the Austrian Oak thanks to Tim Miller’s sci-fi reboot. But there’s another project that’s currently simmering on the fringes of development. We’ll give you a clue: it involves the legendary Conan, who first marched onto the big screen back in 1982, when John Milius was calling the shots from behind the lens.

Aquaman star Jason Momoa later provided a new spin on the classic Robert E. Howard character, though it seems Arnie is still crossing his fingers in the hope that Old Man Conan can get off the ground. Over on Twitter (h/t Bloody Disgusting), the industry legend took a moment to promote the latest rendition of the Conan book, before noting that: “It’s a movie that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Let’s do it.”

Is it enough to convince the Powers That Be? Probably not, but Arnie fans can at least take solace in the fact that Schwarzenegger isn’t about to give up on his world-famous Barbarian – at least not yet.

Over the years, the long-rumored project has been called everything from The Legend of Conan to Conan the Conqueror, and while Amazon appears to be making headway on a spinoff TV series, Arnold Schwarzenegger clearly still has his eyes trained on a movie sequel. But only time will tell whether the actor’s heartfelt enthusiasm can trigger some form of momentum for his mooted Conan film.

Look for Arnie to next appear in Tim Miller’s rebooted Terminator movie, Dark Fate.

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