As a new ‘Black Panther’ hero is unveiled, fans are left singing ‘Go Go Power Rangers’

Ironheart Shows off her blaster in a Black Panther advert
Credit: Marvel Studios / Target

So far, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has enjoyed incredibly positive buzz, but the much-anticipated sequel might be stumbling in its final hurdle as a new promo released by Marvel Studios has finally unveiled our first proper look at Ironheart in her full armor, just days before the movie hits theaters… And fans are not impressed. In fact, the teen heroine’s super-suit is leading to a lot of negative comparisons to TV’s favorite punching bag, the Power Rangers.

Unfortunately, folks aren’t loving Ironheart’s final form, partly due to the slightly wonky CGI but also because of her red, blue, and chrome color scheme, which definitely leaves her looking like a character you might find in a Saban show from the 1990s. In fact, Power Rangers is trending on Twitter in the wake of the new Black Panther 2 promo as everyone⁠—and I mean everyone⁠—makes the same exact joke.

First they said it about Oscar Isaacs as Apocalypse, then they said it about The Flash… now it’s Ironheart’s turn.

Condolences to Wakanda Forever for being likened to the very worst comic book movie of all time.

Others are using the opportunity to throw Peacemaker and She-Hulk under the bus as well.

Hot take: Didn’t we all love Mighty Morphin as a kid? Why is looking like a Power Ranger a bad thing, anyway?

It seems history is repeating itself a little bit here as, while the entirety of the rest of the film was acclaimed, 2018’s Black Panther likewise came under fire for its visual effects, notably for its CG-heavy final T’Challa-vs-Killmonger fight. Now it looks like its follow-up is suffering from the same criticisms.

Let’s hope all the Power Rangers chatter doesn’t destablize Black Panther: Wakanda Forever once it hits theaters this weekend.