So Atlas Shrugged: Part 2 Is Actually Happening?

In today’s most perplexing movie news, it appears that Atlas Shrugged: Part 2 will in fact still see the light of day. Seriously. Despite Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 being panned by critics and audiences alike and considered an utter failure in filmmaking, the folks over at Indie Wire have dug up a teaser trailer for the now confirmed sequel.

Producer John Aglialoro announced that utilizing a proper $15 million budget and a supercharged marketing campaign, Atlas Shrugged: Part 2 will be set for an October 12th release. But with a trailer offering just an old interview and random angry news correspondents, it’s hard to believe Part 2 will be any different.  Another foreboding notion is the loss of numerous actors, as major characters will now have completely different faces. Here are the big switches, according to Indie Wire.

Taylor Schilling and Grant Bowler probably realized they have better things to do, and this time around, the roles of Dagny Taggart and Henry Rearden will be played by Samantha Mathis (why?) and Jason “Hey it’s that guy” Beghe. In fact, pretty much all the major roles have been swapped out with D.B. Sweeney now playing John Galt, Esai Morales as Francisco d’Anconia and Kim Rhodes as Lillian Rearden.

I can almost sense the excitement surrounding this news!

One can only hope lessons were learned and Atlas Shrugged: Part 2 reaps the benefits. That being said, some major tricks need to be pulled in order to erase Part 1 from our minds. Let’s be optimistic and hold judgement until closer to Part 2’s release date though, right?

How does everyone else feel about Atlas Shrugged: Part 2 after watching the first?