Hilarious Avengers 4 Art Suggests That Tom Holland Leaked The Title


In a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Avengers 4 star Tom Holland had a brief exchange with the host where he was asked a question that’s crossed the mind of many a fan. That is, seeing how Spider-Man was turned to dust in Avengers: Infinity War, will the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home be a prequel? It was here that Holland abruptly left the stage without dropping one of his patented spoilers – or so we thought.

When Holland exited his chat with Kimmel, his excuse for not answering the Far From Home question was that Thanos was robbing a bank. When pressed further about why the genocidal conqueror would resort to such a crime, the actor limply replied, “because Thanos is poor.”

Now, one user – who we can safely assume is joking – has suggested that Holland carelessly let slip the much theorized-over title of Avengers 4. Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars for Avengers: Thanos is Poor.

Other than the fact that this clearly isn’t the title of the Infinity War sequel, the idea makes a lot of sense. Holland already ‘accidentally’ revealed the full title of Spider-Man: Far From Home earlier this year, though it’s been widely speculated that the reveal was approved beforehand by Marvel Studios.

Mark Ruffalo, meanwhile, got into some hot water earlier this month when the Hulk actor allegedly gave away the title on a different talk show. While the episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon aired with the reveal bleeped out, it’s since been discovered that the star referred to Avengers 4 as The Last Avenger, though fans remain skeptical about the legitimacy of this ‘spoiler.’

But whatever we end up calling Avengers 4, the film itself hits theaters on May 3rd, 2019, at which point we’ll be finding out the fates of Spidey and the Hulk, and may even get an update on the Mad Titan’s financial situation.

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