Rumor: Captain America And Iron Man May Only Reunite In Flashback In Avengers 4


Whatever happens in Avengers 4, it’s certain to have huge ramifications for the MCU at large. In the wake of Chris Evans’ touching post apparently saying goodbye to the role of Steve Rogers/Captain America, most are assuming that he won’t be surviving the movie. There are similarly gloomy predictions about Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark/Iron Man, with fans pointing to his multi-film contract expiring after Avengers 4 and his mysterious absence from the Spider-Man: Far From Home set.

But given the characters’ long and fractious history with one another, you’d expect that if they were bowing out they’d get at least one scene where they can bury the hatchet once and for all. Well, if MCU Cosmic writer and broadly reliable source of leaks Jeremy Conrad is on the money, we’ll only get to see them together in a flashback.

Here’s what he had to say on the subject:

Now, a time jump in Avengers 4 is plausible and, I think, a good idea. Showing a universe that’s had time to come to terms with Thanos’ Snap is an enticing prospect, and ties in with the leaked promotional art showing each surviving Avenger with updated costumes and looks. Plus, it adds weight to the characters’ actions if they’re trying to reverse the Snap knowing that their success will see this version of themselves erased from time.

But what’s this about Tony and Steve not reuniting? Well, one perplexed fan pressed him further…

I’m not quite sure how Tony and Steve will be able to reunite ‘immediately’ after the Snap given that Tony’s currently on the planet Titan on the other side of the universe. While he’s obviously getting back home one way or another, I’d like to think that we’ll see at least some of Stark and Nebula teaming up to find a way back to Earth. So, color me confused about what exactly Conrad’s predicting will happen.

My bet is that after Infinity War saw the pair separated by thousands of light years, Avengers 4 will see a far more closely knit team of ‘core’ Avengers working together, and that includes Stark and Rogers finally getting over their differences before the no doubt tragic finale of the film.