Avengers 4 Set Photos Confirm Black Widow’s Hairtstyle Change


Avengers 4 is going back before the cameras for the now-typical reshoot period, and set photos from filming in Atlanta have given us some idea of how the surviving heroes will appear in the follow-up to this year’s universe-shattering Infinity War. For instance, Jeremy Renner has provided us with our best look yet at the new mohawk Hawkeye will be sporting in the movie.

Speaking of hairstyles, one snap featuring Scarlet Johansson in character as Black Widow confirms that the super spy will return to her more familiar redhead look for Avengers 4, moving on from the blonde bob she had for Infinity War. As captured by Just Jared, the actress can be seen with long auburn hair through the window of what looks to be a diner. Going by the concerned expression on her face, something troubling’s happening outside. You can see the image for yourself via the link down below.

Natasha Romanoff’s hairdo update was previously promised by a piece of leaked Avengers 4 concept art that featured all of the remaining heroes, with most of them sporting revamped appearances. Widow, for instance, was depicted as wearing a classic black catsuit with her red hair in a ponytail. Captain America, meanwhile, was back in his classic costume with a clean-shaven face and blonde hair. Like Johansson, Chris Evans has also been spotted on set closely matching the character’s look in the concept art.

That means we can also expect to see the Hulk finally putting on some clothes, as the artwork showed him in a purple form-hugging outfit. War Machine will likely also receive an upgrade on his armor, while Ant-Man was seen on the concept art alongside the heroes, too, so he must escape the Quantum Realm pretty soon into Avengers 4.

We haven’t seen Brie Larson return for reshoots yet, despite Captain Marvel being expected to play a major role in the proceedings, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any further set pics that may surface over the coming weeks.