Avengers 4 Star Mark Ruffalo Wants To Hang Out With A Young Chris Evans


Though we’re still waiting for confirmation on all those time travel rumors circulating the internet, the Avengers 4 cast has been having a lot of fun on Twitter lately journeying into each others’ pasts.

This recent tweet from Mark Ruffalo, for instance, has the Hulk actor sharing a pair of pics of the young and smiling Chris Evans, along with the following caption:

“It actually makes me furious that I can’t hang out with this kid.”

The actor known for playing Steve Rogers has certainly been popular on social media this month. A few weeks ago, the star tweeted a heartfelt message that was widely interpreted as confirmation that he’s finished his run as Captain America, leading to an outpouring of tweets thanking Evans for his contributions to the MCU. Nonetheless, the actor has since clarified his comment, insisting that his emotional message contains no spoilers on his future in the franchise.

As for Ruffalo, he took the liberty last week of sharing a particularly goofy photo of himself in his youth, and the internet took much pleasure in poking fun at the image. Among the trolls was his Avengers: Infinity War co-star Paul Bettany, who used the picture as his own profile pic and changed his Twitter bio to read:

“I thought my teen years were rough but then I saw Mark Ruffolo’s .”

While the bio and the picture are still on the Vision actor’s profile at the time of writing, at least he’s fixed the misspelling of his colleague’s name.

These days, Ruffalo has become a popular target for the mockery of his peers, and you can expect this online drama to continue at least until Avengers 4 comes out on May 3rd, 2019.

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