Avengers: Infinity War Star Paul Bettany Trolls Mark Ruffalo On Twitter


Though Avengers: Infinity War directors Anthony and Joe Russo seem to have taken a break from hassling Mark Ruffalo on Twitter this week, the trolling of the Bruce Banner actor has yet to let up, with co-star Paul Bettany now getting in on the teasing.

It started earlier today when Ruffalo had a Throwback Thursday moment, tweeting a particularly goofy photo of himself from his teen years. The internet took much pleasure in poking fun at the image, and Bettany was no exception, even going as far as to use the photo as his own profile pic. To add insult to injury, the Vision actor then changed his Twitter bio to the following:

“I thought my teen years were rough but then I saw Mark Ruffolo’s .”

You may or may not have noticed that Bettany hasn’t even done Ruffalo the courtesy of spelling his name correctly, prompting his co-star to tweet:

“Honored. P.S. It’s RuffAlo… like Buffalo but with an R!”

At the time of publishing, the spelling mistake is still in Bettany’s bio, and the actor himself has yet to respond.

These days, Ruffalo is surely all too used to such mockery on social media, much of it coming from the the Russo Brothers, who have repeatedly joked that he’s been ‘fired’ for accidentally dropping a major Avengers 4 spoiler on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. At the same time, the actor has included his co-star Paul Rudd in one of his own posts, which used an old and oft-memed picture of himself and the Ant-Man lead to encourage his fans to vote in the upcoming midterms.

At this rate, you can expect plenty more Twitter drama between Ruffalo and his Avengers: Infinity War colleagues at least until the film’s sequel comes out on May 3rd, 2019, and probably even after that.

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