Avengers 4 Directors Say Mark Ruffalo’s Still Fired For Spoiling The Title


Right now, Mark Ruffalo is like a lovable pet dog with an unfortunate habit of shitting on the rug. You want to be angry at him, but he’s just so damn sweet and likeable that you can’t muster up any anger. That’s the situation Marvel Studios and the Russo Brothers are in, with Ruffalo’s reputation as a one-man spoiler machine jeopardizing their carefully laid marketing plans for Avengers 4, which led the Infinity War directors to jokingly sack him via Twitter.

Then, they posted their cryptic tweet celebrating that Avengers 4 was officially wrapped, to which Ruffalo lightheartedly noted the hypocrisy of them being allowed to spoil stuff while he isn’t. The Russo Brothers got back to him pretty quickly, though, replying with the following:

While this back and forth is fun and all, I wish they’d at least tell us the title for the movie. It feels ridiculous still typing out the clumsy and plain Avengers 4 when it’s as little as half a year away from release now. Ruffalo’s ‘reveal’ on The Tonight Show was that the title was The Last Avenger (which would have pretty big implications for Captain America were it to be true), but other sources claim that Avengers: Annihilation is secretly what it’s going to be called.

There must be a factory somewhere that’s preparing to produce mountains of merchandise for the movie, so if they don’t announce it sometime in the next few weeks, I can guarantee it’ll be leaked anyway. Whatever happens, the first trailer is said to be arriving next month, so the studio’s no doubt gearing up to begin the promotional campaign proper.

At least while we’re waiting for some concrete news on Avengers 4 to surface, we have this little comedy spat going on to keep us amused, right?

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