Mark Ruffalo Says The Russo’s Mysterious Avengers 4 Pic Is A Spoiler


Over the weekend, directors Joe and Anthony Russo announced that they’d wrapped production on the upcoming Avengers 4, but while doing so, they just couldn’t help drop one last mysterious teaser from the set, tweeting an overly bright photo that had fans feeling pretty confused.

It wasn’t long before theories started to emerge though about what this image could be, and while some sounded more plausible than others, even the less believable ones were getting pretty creative. Interestingly, an idea we’ve seen pop up more than once now is that this heavily lit object is the same alleged cannon we witnessed in a previous teaser pic from the Russo Brothers, though that remains unconfirmed.

What we do know, however, is that whatever this photo is, it’s a spoiler for something related to the film. Or so says Mark Ruffalo. The world’s worst secret keeper took to Twitter tonight to poke fun at the Russo brothers, saying he couldn’t believe they ‘fired’ him for revealing the title and then went ahead and posted the aforementioned pic.

Unfortunately, Ruffalo wouldn’t elaborate on what exactly the Russos were spoiling, but with Marvel Studios remaining so tight-lipped about everything, and the directors continuing to tease us, the frustration among fans is starting to show to the point that you have to wonder if Disney is taking its fear of spoilers too far.

I mean, when it comes to the title at least, what mind-blowing moniker could possibly live up to all this hype? And are they ever going to drop that first trailer? It’s almost the end of the year now and though Kevin Feige promised it’d be here before 2018 wraps up, there’s still no sign of it.

Again, the frustration is certainly starting to mount, but with any luck, November will be the month that Marvel finally opens the floodgates for all things Avengers 4. Fingers crossed, eh?