That Mysterious New Avengers 4 Photo May Have Been Deciphered


A couple of days ago, Avengers 4 directors Joe and Anthony Russo chose to toy with their fans once more when they shared a mysterious new photo along with the announcement that production had wrapped on their Avengers: Infinity War sequel. As the filmmaking pair surely anticipated, folks have offered a variety of theories on what this excessively bright image could be, including this latest suggestion that the pic forms part of the fancy new logo for the highly anticipated release.

The idea stems in part from a recently leaked toy package, which shows the “Avengers” name written in blue. This follows on from the silver logo for 2012’s The Avengers, the red logo for Avengers: Age of Ultron, and a gold one for Infinity War. Since this new image is also in blue, it’s surely not impossible that the mysterious shape will form part of a stylish graphic to feature either in the Avengers 4 promotion or in the flick itself.

It’s certainly one of the more plausible ideas we’ve heard, especially since the Russo Brothers know how many fans are anxious to learn the title of next year’s film. Amidst the many suggestions posed, Avengers: Annihilation has recently been deemed a frontrunner in some circles, though Mark Ruffalo muddied the waters somewhat when he blurted out The Last Avenger earlier this month on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

There’s also a good chance that Marvel Studios plans to kill two birds with one stone by unveiling the Avengers 4 title – new logo and all – in the movie’s first trailer. When exactly that footage will be coming our way is a subject of its own line of theories, but at least we can confirm that the film itself will be hitting theaters on May 3rd, 2019.

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