Avengers: Endgame CinemaCon Footage Has Cap Wanting To Kill Thanos


It’s been another big week for Avengers: Endgame news, between the new trailer and tickets finally going on sale. And as fans continue to scramble to book those first seats, Disney’s now giving us even more reason to get excited.

During the studio’s CinemaCon presentation earlier tonight, they unleashed some new footage from the film and though it’s yet to make its way online – and likely won’t, unfortunately – ComicBook.com was in attendance and was kind enough to provide a rundown of what was shown.

Obviously, it’s nothing too spoiler-y, but from the description below, it sure sounds like Cap’s fired up and ready to take down the Mad Titan. And after what the villain did to his friends in the last film, that’s perfectly understandable.

See for yourself:

“Captain Marvel leaves the Avengers facility “to kill Thanos.” Black Widow wants to work as a team. Captain America realizes “up there” is more her territory. She might know people who know who Thanos is. Nebula explains she need not bother. She knows where Thanos is. She goes on about how Thanos made her want to please him, even when she was disassembled. His answer to where they would go when the plan was complete would be “The Garden.”

A hologram comes up — Rocket Raccoon shows that two days ago a similar event to the one that occurred on Earth happened on another planet. He used the Stones again. Captain Marvel wants to use the Stones to bring everyone back. Black Widow wants to try. Bruce Banner is hesitant. Captain Marvel says “Because before you didn’t have me.” “Hey, new girl, everybody in this room is about that super hero life, if you don’t mind me asking, where the hell were you before all of this?” She says she was helping other planets with, unfortunately, didn’t have them. Thor summons Stormbreaker. “I like this one,” he says.

“Let’s go get this son of a bitch,” Captain America says.

The Endgame logo plays. The Benetar is then seen heading into space. All of the Avengers except Tony are onboard. Black Widow, Cap, and Rhodey have never been to space, to Rocket’s dismay. They approach a jump, Cap watches the vibrant colors go by, and the ship speeds off.”

In everything we’ve seen of Endgame so far, Cap has been given more dialogue than any other character, which leads us to believe that he’ll be right at the forefront of the drama in the Infinity War sequel. His prominence is only fitting, too, given that this will likely be Chris Evans’ last outing in the MCU. And though Steve may not be the only character we expect to drop out of the franchise after the film, Cap is definitely the hero whose death is the most widely predicted.

Of course, Rogers’ run could always come to a close in a non-fatal manner. Some fans, for instance, believe that the film’s heavily rumored time travel plot will give him the chance to settle down with Peggy Carter. It’s a nice idea, but we’ll find out what the Russo brothers have planned for Steve when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.

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