Avengers: Endgame Directors Say The Iron Man/Cap Reunion Scene Isn’t In The Movie


There were many scenes from the last Avengers: Endgame trailer that made an impact, but arguably the most discussed was the reunion between Iron Man and Captain America, which saw Tony ask his former friend if he trusted him, to which Steve replied that he did and shook Stark’s hand. Fans were left emotional by the reconciliation between the two heroes and can’t wait to see the sequence in context in the movie.

Here’s the thing, though: that scene might not actually be in the film. While speaking with Fox 5, the Russo brothers were asked what it was like to shoot such a key moment in the journey of these characters. Anthony Russo began to answer but then Joe jumped in with the revelation that the scene in question didn’t make it into the final cut and its placement in the trailer was an example of them deliberately misleading us, as the Russos have discussed before. See their remarks above, at the 5:00 minute mark:

So, is Joe Russo telling the truth here? It’s hard to say but, on the whole, I think he’s deliberately teasing the interviewer. Especially as he sort of relents later on and says “or maybe it is in the movie.” What’s more, if you watch Anthony’s face while Joe’s speaking, it’s the look of a man who knows that his brother could be launching a wave of angry tweets from fans who don’t get the joke and think their favorite scene won’t be in the film.

The Russos’ reluctance to talk about the sequence, however, suggests that there’s something they want to hide about it until we’ve seen the movie. This could be to do with the theory that this moment actually reveals that Tony will revisit the events of The Avengers and this Steve he’s talking to is actually from 2012. The idea is that the shot has been digitally doctored to cover the 2012 suit with a different one, hence why Cap’s in his battered Infinity War costume and not his Endgame one.

But we digress. Enough speculation for now, as all will be revealed when Avengers: Endgame lands in cinemas on April 26th.