Avengers: Endgame Directors Explain Why They Introduced The MCU’s First Openly Gay Character


There are many things in Avengers: Endgame that grab your attention, so it might have passed you by that the movie features an important milestone for the MCU.

Yes, in case you haven’t heard, Endgame is notable for featuring the franchise’s first openly gay character. When Cap chats to his support group, one member (played by co-director Joe Russo) opens up about how he recently went on a date for the first time since the Decimation. As he talks, it becomes clear that his date was another man. It’s so casually done though that it’s easy to miss how significant this moment is.

Deadline were able to catch up with the Russo brothers to get their perspective on why this character was included and Joe explained that they very much wanted to improve the diversity of their Marvel movies so that more of the franchise’s global audience can see themselves on screen. He also said that it was no fluke that he ended up playing the character, as the Russos wanted to send a message to their fellow filmmakers.

“Representation is really important. It was important to us as we did four of these films, we wanted a gay character somewhere in them. We felt it was important that one of us play him, to ensure the integrity and show it is so important to the filmmakers that one of us is representing that. It is a perfect time, because one of the things that is compelling about the Marvel Universe moving forward is its focus on diversity… We wanted it to be casual, with the fact that the character is gay tied into the fabric of the storytelling and representing what everyday life is. We’re trying to represent everyone in everyday life. These are global movies that reach a lot of people. They are important to a lot of people and everyone has the right to see themselves on the screen and identify somewhere.”

Anthony Russo went on to reveal that, for them, the inclusion of a gay character wasn’t the sole purpose of the scene, as it started from the need to have an everyman figure to give the audience a taste of how Thanos’ epic actions have affected the average person.

“The fact that the character is gay will get attention but it isn’t where the scene started. When you have a story point that includes killing half of all humans on Earth, you’re telling a bigger story than The Avengers. So that scene was important to us in telling the story of the larger world. We wanted to have a voice that was talking about the experience of people that went beyond The Avengers. That’s why we felt we really needed it in the movie. Otherwise, it just became too hermetic and insular. That character that Joe is playing really came from that point of view, him being an everyman who has suffered from Thanos’ act.”

As the Russos promise here, this unnamed character is set to be just the first in a long line of LGBT figures in the franchise, as Kevin Feige has stated his intention to ensure there’s more diversity across the board in the MCU. Spider-Man: Far From Home, for example, will feature the series’ first trans actorsThe Eternals is then reportedly due to feature Marvel’s first openly gay superhero on the big screen.

The directors also told Deadline that they’re proud to have this scene play around the world, as it shares a message of inclusivity.

“We’ve seen it now even in countries where people countries where homosexuality isn’t as free as it is here. It’s actually one of those elements of these movies that I think resonates in challenged places in the world as well. As filmmakers of a massive franchise we’re saying, we support you.”

Be sure to catch Avengers: Endgame in cinemas in order to see this groundbreaking scene in an altogether groundbreaking movie.

Source: Deadline

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