New Avengers: Endgame Re-Release Trailer Asks You To See It Once More


This weekend, Marvel re-releases Avengers: Endgame in theaters. With just days to go before Spider-Man: Far From Home takes over the box office, the studio is keen to milk as much money from Endgame as possible. Cue this slightly extended cut which adds in a few extra minutes of bonus content. Tickets have been on sale since Tuesday, but Marvel is still encouraging fans to see it one last time in cinemas with this new trailer.

The 15-second promo tells us to relive our favorite moments over again, with footage including the Cap vs. Cap fight, Hulk using the Infinity Gauntlet, Black Widow’s tragic end and snippets of the iconic third act battle. It ends with a reminder for us to stay after the credits this time around in order to catch the exclusive content of the re-release.

But what exactly is the exclusive content? Well, there are four extra treats to be found in the re-release. An introduction from co-director Anthony Russo will play at the beginning of the film with three additional sequences at its end. These will consist of a Stan Lee tribute, an unfinished deleted scene starring the Hulk and a sneak peak at Far From Home. All told, the Endgame re-release will add 6-7 minutes to the runtime.

Marvel will be keeping their fingers crossed that this will do the trick and coax enough fans back into theaters in order to push Endgame‘s total gross past Avatar‘s at the global box office, thereby earning it the coveted title of being the world’s biggest movie of all time. It did cross the 2009 sci-fi epic’s original theatrical run last weekend, but it’s still got around $38 million to go before it knocks it from the top spot completely.

Only time will tell if that happens, but let us know in the comments section down below if you plan on catching Avengers: Endgame again in theaters this weekend.