Avengers: Endgame Re-Release Trailer Reminds Us Why We Should See It Again


This weekend, Marvel re-releases Avengers: Endgame into cinemas, this time sporting a few extra minutes of fresh content. We found out about the shock move from studio president Kevin Feige last week but the House of Ideas has only started the big marketing push for the release over the past couple of days. Yesterday, for instance, tickets were made available for the worldwide showing of the extended film and now, Marvel’s dropped this brief new trailer.

As seen above, the preview has a voiceover tease how “the record-breaking phenomenon” is returning to theaters this weekend, pushing viewers to go see the movie “one last time” so that they won’t miss the “exclusive content” that’ll be slipped in during the credits. Memorably, Endgame didn’t feature any typical post-credits scenes the first time around – well, except for that strange clanging sound that we had to have the Russos explain to us.

So, what is this exclusive footage? Well, the re-release is confirmed to feature four new treats for fans who go see it. Namely, an introduction from co-director Anthony Russo, a tribute to much-missed Marvel creator Stan Lee, an unfinished deleted scene starring the Hulk and a sneak peak at Spider-Man: Far From HomeAll told, these will add an extra seven minutes onto the 3-hour runtime.

Of course, Marvel will be keeping their fingers crossed that this re-release will tempt just enough fans back to theaters in order for Endgame to cross Avatar‘s total gross at the box office, thereby earning it the crown of the world’s biggest movie of all time. Last weekend, it passed the original theatrical run of James Cameron’s sci-fi epic, but it still has around $38 million to go before it officially beats it. Will it be able to inch past its competitor and take the crown? We’ll find out when Avengers: Endgame returns to cinemas in just a few days’ time.

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