Cap Flies Into Wakanda In New Avengers: Infinity War TV Spot


We’re now just days away from the release of Avengers: Infinity War. In fact, we’re so close that it might be time to stop looking at trailers, clips and TV spots in order to preserve some of the surprise. But c’mon, who are we kidding here? I’m hungry for new footage from the film and I suspect you are, too. As such, this “Fight For Wakanda” TV spot comes at just the right time, giving us a couple of new glimpses at the climactic battle of the movie.

It seems pretty well-established at this point that Wakanda plays a large role in the film’s narrative. Smart money says the Soul Stone is hidden somewhere in the country (possibly inside the Vibranium meteor?), and that Thanos will launch a full-on assault to seize it. That’s not something T’Challa’s going to take sitting down, of course, so in the new footage above we get a glimpse of his Wakandan army, as well as the Avengers that have arrived to assist.

In one of the new shots we see Captain America, Bruce Banner, Black Widow and James Rhodes arriving by Quinjet, to be greeted by the familiar, friendly and this time relatively sane-looking Bucky Barnes, together with T’Challa and his retinue. It’s all smiles at this point, though by the time the magnitude of the situation has revealed itself, everyone’s in full battle mode.

New to this trailer are some shots of Thanos’ army arriving, War Machine scouting the shield perimeter and (I think) Black Panther smashing the snot out of some inter-dimensional foot soldier – likely an Outrider. Frankly, it all looks pretty awesome, too.

That being said, the sunny green backdrop, glowing blue shields and hovering craft give me a bit of a Phantom Menace vibe, but I’ll give the film the benefit of the doubt and assume there’s going to be no quasi-racist, duck-lizard-man clowning around on the battlefield. At least, I hope not.

Look for Avengers: Infinity War to open on April 27th, at which point it’s expected to destroy the box office.