Avengers: Infinity War Contains A 25-Page Fight Sequence


Impressive though it may be, the super-sized airport brawl of Captain America: Civil War will seem like small fry compared to the finale of Avengers: Infinity War.

At least, that’s according to Anthony Mackie, who told Good Morning America (h/t ComicBook.com) that the imminent sequel contains a fight sequence that spanned 25 pages in the original script – a script rustled up by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who have already cut their teeth on The First Avenger, The Winter Soldier, and the aforementioned Civil War.

So at least on paper, Infinity War appears to be in safe hands, even if the mere thought of a 25-page fight sequence involving most, if not all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is enough to leave us feeling a little overwhelmed. I suppose that’s all part of the fun, and more reason why Anthony Mackie was recently quoted as saying that Avengers 3 is far and away the best superhero movie he’s ever seen.

High praise indeed. As for that interview with GMA, Mackie recalled the moment when he first laid eyes on the final fight sequence:

I got 25 pages, which was the final fight sequence. And I sent a long email, like, ‘this movie is going to be awful, how does this work, there’s no story, this is gonna be the longest fight sequence ever.’

Surely the actor, who’s on the verge of reprising his role as Sam Wilson/Falcon, is referring to the massive, all-consuming battle in Wakanda? From the trailers alone, we’ve seen that Infinity War‘s third act brings together a whole host of costumed crusaders as they take one last stand against the invading Thanos.

Book your tickets, folks, because Avengers: Infinity War is nigh. And it’ll begin its theatrical rollout on April 27th.

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