Avengers: Infinity War: First Piece Of Hawkeye Merchandise Surfaces


Where’s Hawkeye?

That’s the question Marvel fans have been asking almost ever since that first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War dropped back in November. It’s not only the previews that he’s been absent from, either, as most of the merchandise we’ve been seeing has also been missing Mr. Clint Barton and it’s got people wondering just what’s going on with the character.

Frankly, at this stage, we don’t expect Marvel to lift the lid on Hawkeye until the film’s release – which will now be in April – but at the very least, the fan favorite is starting to get some representation when it comes to merch. Granted, there’s still no sign of Barton himself, but down in the gallery below (which also includes some other recent merchandise) you’ll see his quiver, bow and arrow set, which is the first Hawkeye-related toy – or anything for that matter – that we’ve had to date.

Sure, it’s not as good as seeing the hero’s face and costume, but it is nice that he’s finally getting recognized in the film’s marketing materials. As for why he’s being hidden in the first place, there’s one of two things going on here. Either he has a pretty small role in Infinity War and will then step up in Avengers 4, or his appearance is tied to some kind of spoiler and Marvel doesn’t want us physically seeing him until the pic hits theaters.

If we had to guess, that’s probably it, as we already know that Hawkeye will feature pretty heavily. After all, Renner recently told us that the film will do “wondrous things” with the character. What exactly that means, we can’t say for sure, but we don’t have long left before we see Barton and the rest of the gang back on the big screen, as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will assemble to take down Thanos once and for all on April 27th, when Avengers: Infinity War storms into theaters.