Marvel To Unveil Sneak Peek At Avengers: Infinity War Later Tonight


Looks like Marvel isn’t waiting until the Super Bowl to release new footage for Avengers: Infinity War.

Via a now deleted Tweet, the studio’s Canadian arm announced plans to unveil a new sneak peek on The Launch at 9 pm ET (6pm PT/2am GMT) later this evening, but stopped short of detailing any specifics. We will, as always, be keeping a close eye on Marvel’s channels for further updates, so expect full coverage of the new Infinity War promo the moment it drops.

Exactly what Marvel Canada and CTV have planned is anyone’s guess, though we imagine it’ll turn out to be some form of behind-the-scenes featurette that celebrates the sheer scale and scope of Infinity War. Should that hold true, it’ll help ensure the Russo Brothers’ blockbuster doesn’t overshadow Black Panther, which is about to herald a trailer debut of its own in Deadpool 2.

Whatever the case, The Launch’s exclusive sneak peek will be with us at 9 pm ET – or shortly thereafter – when hosts The Static Shift will presumably bring us closer to what is arguably the biggest superhero movie ever attempted.

Elsewhere, we know the 100-day countdown to Avengers: Infinity War has begun, while Joe and Anthony Russo have been debunking rumors left, right and center – no, they haven’t been shooting fake scenes for Avengers 4 to throw people off the scent, and Infinity War definitely won’t unveil the title of its 2019 successor.

Originally announced as Infinity War – Part 2 all those years ago, the fourth Avengers movie will seemingly introduce something of a fresh start for the MCU, as the likes of Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 look to pick up the pieces from Marvel’s deadliest showdown yet.

And it all begins on May 4th. Stay tuned to WGTC later this evening when we’ll have a full breakdown of Infinity War‘s latest promo – whatever it turns out to be.