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Marvel Kicks Off The 100-Day Countdown To Avengers: Infinity War With New Promo

Marvel Studios has signaled the beginning of its 100-day countdown to Avengers: Infinity War with an epic, 10-second promo.

Marvel’s Mad Titan is fast approaching.

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As of today, January 23rd, Avengers: Infinity War, a film that seemingly belongs to Thanos, is officially 100 days out from its long-anticipated release in North America.

Word comes by way of Marvel’s official Twitter feed, which begun the 100-day countdown with an epic, 10-second promo (see below) featuring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes charging into battle. Wakanda is at war, it seems, and it’s up to Captain America and his tight-knit crew to save the day.

Other heroes glimpsed in that slow-mo shot include Falcon, Black Widow, War Machine, Hulk, Black Panther, the Winter Solider and Okoye, leader of the Dora Milaje, while Anthony Mackie recently hinted that said fight scene includes another two Avengers not seen in the trailer.

That’s hardly surprising, given Infinity War‘s biggest battle is said to include upwards of 40 characters in total. Exactly how Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and Drax (Dave Bautista) wind up in Wakanda is anyone’s guess, but with so many heroes to choose from, we imagine Joe and Anthony Russo still have a few tricks up their collective sleeve.

Besides, the Avengers: Infinity War teaser, one which arrived months – literally months – after the D23 showcase, was reportedly light on plot details, so you needn’t worry about re-watching what is arguably the MCU’s best preview yet. It’s certainly a record-breaker, having racked up a staggering 230 million views in its first 24 hours of release, which, if nothing else, is further proof that Marvel Studios has a bona fide mega-hit on its hands.

And we’ll find out exactly how high Avengers: Infinity War soars in just a few short months. For the record, Joss Whedon’s 2012 classic scored $1.5 billion worldwide, before Age of Ultron notched $1.4 billion three years later. Something tells us though that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ third outing will be their most successful yet.

After all, it’s set to be “one of the biggest things in film history” in the eyes of Chris Hemsworth. The actor’s about to reprise his role as Marvel’s God of Thunder for the second year on the trot, and recently had this to say:

This is one of the biggest things in film history and to be a part of it was just incredible. I think what these characters are about to face — with Thanos — there’s been nothing quite like it. There are 76 cast members or something like that. I think what people are going to be excited about is what I was excited about and that’s Thor meeting the Guardians and Iron Man meeting Doctor Strange.”

All will be revealed once Avengers: Infinity War touches down in theaters on May 4th.

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