Avengers: Infinity War’s Post-Credits Scene Explained


After 10 years and 18 films, comic book movie fans have been conditioned to expect one or two post-credits scenes to follow each new entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And of course, Avengers: Infinity War is no different.

Yes, though Joe and Anthony Russo almost left it out, there is indeed some extra footage for those of you who stick around once those final credits have rolled, and it’s a hugely exciting tease for what’s to come. Obviously, this article will be diving right into spoiler territory, so if you want to keep things fresh, we’d advise bookmarking this page and returning later.

If you’ve already seen the film, though, or just don’t care, then join us after the jump as we unpack what’s one of the MCU’s most tantalizing post-credits scenes to date.

At the end of Infinity War, we finally see Thanos do what he promised to earlier in the film – that being snapping his fingers and making half of all life in the universe disappear. He does so while in Wakanda and immediately, we see heroes like Bucky and Black Panther vanish before our very eyes. Meanwhile, on Titan, Iron Man’s crew sees the same thing, with characters such as Peter Parker turning to dust. It’s a shocking and bold way to end things, but what we don’t get to see is what’s happening in the rest of the world.

That’s where the post-credits scene comes in. It kicks off with Maria Hill and Nick Fury driving in New York when they crash into another car. As Fury runs out to see who the driver was, he finds that there’s no one in the vehicle. The two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents then look up and see a helicopter crash into a building. Pretty quickly, it’s clear to us that the effects of Thanos’ snap are still being felt.

It’s not long before Hill and Fury themselves begin to disappear, but before they do, the latter uses a paging device of some sort to send out a message for help. As his body vanishes, it drops out of his hand and onto the floor, where the camera zooms in on the device, showing us that the message has been delivered. While we don’t see the person on the receiving end of it, or what the message says, an emblem pops up on the screen which seemingly confirms that it’s been received. And that emblem belongs to none other than Captain Marvel.

Yes, it seems that Avengers: Infinity War is planting some seeds for Carol Danvers, who’s getting ready to make her MCU debut next year. How exactly she’ll factor into the currently untitled sequel remains to be seen, of course, but with so many of our beloved heroes now gone, it looks like the ones who remain will need the help of Captain Marvel, which is just as well considering how powerful she is.

Will the fan favorite character be enough to stop Thanos though? I guess we’ll find out when Avengers 4 arrives on May 3rd, 2019.