Avengers: Infinity War Photo Shows How Close Spidey Came To Removing The Infinity Gauntlet


Avengers: Infinity War is the perfect manifestation of the old adage “money can’t buy happiness.’’ After all, the nineteenth entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe became only the fourth motion picture ever to conquer the elusive $2 billion plateau. Not to mention, it helped the highest grossing film franchise of all time exceed $17 billion – and counting, mind you – hauled in at the worldwide box office. Yet, the fandom couldn’t possibly loathe the Joe and Anthony Russo-directed blockbuster more.

Granted, they do have a pretty damn good reason for hating the film. If you recall – like you could ever forget – during the cataclysmic finale of Infinity War, approximately half of the titular supergroup was eviscerated by the Snap of Doom. For a brief moment there, however, just before emotion got the better of Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), it seemed like all was not lost.

Of course, I’m talking about the sequence in which Spider-Man (Tom Holland) practically had the Infinity Gauntlet in his possession. Unfortunately, Peter Quill had a temporary lapse in judgement and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, though, we have a visual representation of just how close Mr. Parker came to removing the Gauntlet from the hand of Thanos, just in case it was keeping you awake at night. Courtesy of Reddit user Sufyaan05, you can gaze in amazement at the photo below, which shows just how freaking close Spider-Man came to possessing the Mad Titan’s beloved accessory.

If you’re still in mourning, look on the bright side, at least the first Avengers 4 trailer is, like, a quarter of a year away, so it won’t be that long before we see the titular supergroup back in action (well, what’s left of them, anyway). Not to mention that we imagine most of the heroes will be returning to the land of the living before next May’s blockbuster comes to a close.