The New Avengers Will Reportedly Be Led By [SPOILERS]


The original Avengers team is kaput. Endgame either killed off or retired much of the group, with the rest due to be replaced with legacy heroes in Phase 4, like She-Hulk and Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye. But though there’s no Avengers 5 coming anytime soon, Kevin Feige’s promised that further crossover movies are definitely on the cards. In other words, get ready to meet the New Avengers, the next generation of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And here’s who might lead them.

In a new scoop, MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad shares that Captain Marvel 2 may sow the seeds for a New Avengers movie to follow it. And the reason why Brie Larson’s second solo outing in the MCU is the perfect place to tease the next Avengers flick is because Carol Danvers is going to be the leader of the team. Conrad briefly notes in his article that Captain Marvel will be the new Steve Rogers, so to speak.

In some ways, this is surprising to hear, as Carol is far from the most senior member still left on the roster. For instance, Sam Wilson, who recently got upgraded to Captain America, has been part of the Avengers since the end of Age of Ultron. That said, Carol isn’t only the most powerful weapon in their arsenal, but we’ve also seen how she’s a natural leader in the field in her past two appearances. Not to mention that We Got This Covered already told you that Captain Marvel would be the new leader last year, so Conrad’s intel seems to confirm our scoop.

According to what recent reports have said, the New Avengers’ line-up has yet to be locked in but the likes of Spider-Man, Black Panther, Ant-Man and Doctor Strange (depending on Benedict Cumberbatch’s contract) will probably feature, alongside newer heroes such as Shang-Chi, Jane Foster’s Thor and maybe even Blade. Candidates for their next nemesis, meanwhile, include Doctor Doom or Kang the Conqueror.

Captain Marvel 2 is the last MCU project currently confirmed, with the pic hitting cinemas in July 2022. That means New Avengers will arrive in 2023 at the earliest.