Awesome Daredevil Season 4 Fan Poster Teases Team Red

charlie cox daredevil

The Daredevil rumor mill was sent into overdrive the other day when it was claimed that not only was a fourth season of the former Netflix series in development at Marvel Studios, but Charlie Cox and several other cast members would reportedly insert themselves into Hawkeye spinoff Echo to start laying the groundwork.

Fans went crazy at the news, with many of them taking the entirely speculative story as gospel, voicing their enthusiasm at seeing the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen reintegrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That doesn’t mean it won’t come around eventually; it just hasn’t been confirmed or announced by anybody from Disney, Marvel or Daredevil.

There’s going to be a lot of angry people if Spider-Man: No Way Home ends without a guest appearance from Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock, even if the actor keeps insisting that he’s not in the movie. An awesome new poster from artist Agt Design will have to do for now, then, one that throws Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool into the mix alongside Daredevil and Tom Holland’s web-slinger, which you can see below.

We’ve already heard smatterings of scuttlebutt that Marvel Comics’ Team Red could be on the cards for the future, but we’re still waiting on Deadpool to make a more substantial MCU debut than a Free Guy reaction video, never mind the continued chatter that Cox’s Daredevil is heading back to our screens. We’d love to see it happen, though, and it’ll be very interesting to see how the chips fall in the wake of No Way Home.