Silver Surfer Joins The MCU In Awesome Marvel Fan Art

Silver Surfer

Having appeared in four movies so far, the best of which could very generously be described as mediocre, you at least can’t fault the Fantastic Four’s feature-length outings for consistency, even if it isn’t exactly what one of the most iconic teams in the history of comic books deserve.

Not only have the four members of Marvel’s First Family been slighted numerous times, but all of the movies also failed to make much use of their extensive back catalogue of supporting characters and villains. There are countless reasons why Doctor Doom and Galactus are regarded as two of the most iconic bad guys ever seen on the page, although you’d be hard-pressed to understand why if your only experience with the Fantastic Four came from watching them on the big screen.

With the rights now in the hands of Marvel Studios, fans will be hoping that the Four finally get the movie treatment that they deserve, with plenty of rumors already making the rounds about how they’ll be introduced into the world’s biggest franchise. In particular, after having been the only redeeming feature of their second outing under director Tim Story in 2007, it seems the fan favorite Silver Surfer possesses all of the potential to become one of the MCU’s breakout stars when he eventually debuts.

Norrin Radd has already been the subject of much speculation that he could show up in one of the studio’s upcoming cosmic adventures, but new fan art from BossLogic imagines him starring in a standalone movie of his own, which you can check out below.

There was an attempt in the 1990s to make a Silver Surfer film that would have starred Ewan McGregor, but with Marvel placing more focus on their cosmic projects than ever before, it seems increasingly likely that they’ll be a lot more interested in making the character a featured part of their universe given his connections to the all-powerful Galactus and ability to play both sides of the hero/villain divide.