Awful unused ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ photos show Diana’s shocked reaction to the Nazis

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, with her braceleted arms crossed in front of her face.
Image via Warner Bros.

One of the big questions going into Wonder Woman 1984 was what Diana had been doing since the first movie. The 20th century really could have used some superheroes, and Diana sitting out those years to focus on her antiquarian career didn’t sit right.

Well, now we may know the answer and, honestly, we wish we hadn’t asked. Fan page @GalGadotWWFans has posted some new unused photos from the movie that are, at best, of questionable taste. Check them out:

Do we really need to see Wonder Woman and Etta Candy smiling at each other as they liberate Auschwitz? Or Wonder Woman literally attending a Nazi rally and looking away with disgust as if she’s just realized what Hitler’s deal really is? Incidentally, the fact that Diana and friends were just hanging around in Nazi Germany and didn’t do anything to stop Hitler raises some unpleasant questions.

Perhaps the best two are Wonder Woman attending the wedding of her old comrades from World War I, and her spending time with the now-elderly Etta Candy in 1960s New York.

Wonder Woman 1984 wasn’t a very good movie, but at least those making the film had the good sense to look at a Photoshop of Wonder Woman liberating Auschwitz and decide that it was better left on the cutting room floor.

Diana is expected to return in Wonder Woman 3, though with Patty Jenkins off on her Star Wars project and the entire DCEU set for a giant “reset” soon, who knows if that’ll actually happen.

Wonder Woman 1984 is available to stream on HBO Max.