Fans Think Dave Bautista’s Playing Bane In The Batman Thanks To New Tweet


Dave Bautista is, of course, a Marvel veteran, but there’s been a lot of talk of late about the Guardians of the Galaxy star possibly swapping the MCU for the DCEU. He was once in discussions to join old pal James Gunn over on The Suicide Squad, but this ultimately fell through. A new post from the Drax actor has sparked renewed theories, though, with fans wondering if Bautista could end up being involved with The Batman instead

The actor recently shared a pic of himself on social media that’s got folks talking. The black and white image sees him posing in front of a Warner Bros. logo. “It won’t come to you so get after it!! #DreamChaser” reads his caption. Clearly, the big guy is telling us that he’s currently chasing up a potential role in a WB movie, and given his history with superhero films, everyone’s wondering if he’s up for a DC flick. After all, we already know that director Matt Reeves is busy casting The Batman right now.

A glimpse at the replies under this post makes it abundantly clear The Batman character that fans would most love for him to nabthe man who broke the Bat’s back, Bane. Talk of Bautista taking over the role of Bane from Tom Hardy first started up due to his TSS talks, though he was actually the original choice for Peacemaker, the part ultimately filled by John Cena.

The WWE legend would obviously be a perfect pick for a rebooted Bane, but how possible is this outcome, really? Well, Reeves is stuffing his movie full of Batman‘s biggest, baddest foes for Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne to battle. And Bane has been rumored to be one of them. The truth is, though, there are any number of projects on the go at WB right now that Bautista could be chasing instead. But let’s keep our fingers crossed all the same.