Barry Allen’s New Costume In The Flash Will Be Made By Bruce Wayne

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Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen and Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne have always had a connection in the DCEU, dating back to the former’s first appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice where he debuted in the franchise via a bizarre cameo that was never fully explained or even picked up on again, while it was the billionaire vigilante who recruited the Scarlet Speedster to join the ranks of the Justice League, and both made brief cameos in the opening expository scenes of Suicide Squad.

When Affleck was confirmed to be ending his self-imposed exile as the Dark Knight to return in The Flash, most people assumed that he would be acting as a mentor and father figure to the inexperienced title hero, something that was soon confirmed by director Andy Muschietti. No comic book movie featuring a returning character is complete unless they get a new costume, though, and during a Warner Bros. panel at last weekend’s CCXP convention, Muschietti revealed that Wayne Enterprises will be gifting the Scarlet Speedster some new duds to wear.

Presumably, the duo will stumble upon the multiverse in The Flash when Barry tests the capabilities of both his powers and his new suit, leading to an adventure through multiple timelines that will eventually find them crossing paths with Michael Keaton’s Caped Crusader, as well as any number of returning faces from the past and present of the DC universe.

Having faced setback after setback over the last six years, The Flash will be hoping to stick to the current November 2022 release date, and the mere existence of the multiverse alone is enough to make it one of the most exciting comic book blockbusters on the horizon.