‘Batgirl’ director may have hinted that Jurnee Smollett’s Black Canary is back

HBO Max’s Batgirl is proving to be an enticing prospect for fans of Gotham City’s heroes. In the Heights‘ Leslie Grace will be stepping into the cape and cowl as Barbara Gordon. The plot is currently a mystery, but we know that it takes place in the DCEU and has strong connections to the SnyderVerse story and his Bat-family (which will also be explored in The Flash).

But it looks like a lot of other DC characters will be along for the ride. It seems we’re getting at least two versions of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, together with Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck’s Batman.

We may also get an appearance from members of the Birds of Prey. Set photos depict Jurnee Smollet’s Black Canary as graffiti and now co-director Bilall Fallah has shared a piece of fan art from Flávio Antunes on Instagram depicting Keaton’s Batman, Grace’s Batgirl, and Smollet’s Black Canary.

Check it out:

Batgirl Black Canary
Bilall Fallah | Instagram

Batgirl is assembling quite the cast, with Brendon Fraser as Firefly and J.K. Simmons reprising his Justice League role as Commissioner Gordon. The Gotham setting means it’d make sense for Black Canary to make an appearance as she’s also a Gotham resident, and she’s teamed up with Batgirl in the comics on multiple occasions.

However, this is a long way from confirmation and it’s likely that Fallah reposted this simply because they like the picture.

Batgirl doesn’t have an official release date, though it’ll be out sometime this year. The shoot seems to be going well, so I’m hoping for a plot synopsis soon, hopefully followed by a teaser trailer confirming when we can expect it (likely around Christmas).