Watch: Batman: The Three Jokers Fan Trailer Unites Ledger, Leto And Phoenix


Batman and the Joker‘s battles are legendary, as the Clown Prince of Crime challenges the Dark Knight like no other. So imagine the fireworks there would be in Gotham City if there were three Jokers. We all have our favorite version of the supervillain, but having the past three actors to don the pasty face makeup team up to make Bruce Wayne’s life a misery would result in one heck of a film, whatever side of the fence you fall on.

Of course, a Three Jokers movie isn’t going to happen, for a variety of reasons, but this epic fan-made trailer imagines what it would be like all the same. Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight), Jared Leto (Suicide Squad) and Joaquin Phoenix (Joker) come together for some multiversal mayhem to run rings around Ben Affleck’s Batman. The trailer’s stylishly done, too, with an effective use of “I Love You, Baby” giving it that suitably zany Joker feel.

Of course, the concept of the trailer is pulled from the upcoming The Three Jokers comic book series that’s been in the works for a while. The early DC Rebirth comics dropped the bombshell that the Joker may actually be three separate individuals – accounting for his varying behaviour from pranking pest to serial killer. The book is to be penned by Geoff Johns with art from Jason Fabok. The illustrator’s been revealing artwork on social media for months as well, even though the first issue is yet to materialize (it’s thought it could be with us at last this April).

Again, we’re unlikely to get a Three Jokers movie anytime soon, but there could be three Jokers running around the different continuities of the DCEU in the near future. As we know, Leto to belongs to the old DCEU canon while Phoenix leads the standalone Joker. It’s also believed that Matt Reeves will give Robert Pattinson his own Joker in a sequel to The Batman. So, who knows, maybe one day down the road WB could actually pursue a project like this? We live in hope.