Awesome New Fan Art Imagines Ben Affleck’s Batman Return


You’ve probably already seen the news: Ben Affleck is suiting up as Batman once more, with his return to the DCEU in The Flash officially confirmed. Fans have understandably been going bats*** and you can catch the best of their reactions here.

Meanwhile, Instagram artist Apexform has wasted no time in joining in. Their newest piece of fan art celebrates a moment fittingly dubbed “Batfleck Returns,” and you can see it for yourself down below:

Pretty cool, eh? This news represents a remarkable turnaround from Affleck’s relationship with the character as recently as a year ago. The actor’s personal struggles during his time in the role have been well-documented, but the fact that he feels comfortable enough to return suggests he’s in a much healthier, happier place now. That much is great to see.

Even amidst deep dissatisfaction with Batman V Superman, Affleck emerged as one of the few bright sparks from the movie, with his DCEU debut performance ending up being one of the few things audiences agreed on. The fact that he then sleepwalked through Justice League now seems down to him no longer feeling invested in the part. All the while though there’s been a sense there was unfinished business from his time in Gotham City and his return could give him the chance to go out on his own terms.

If you’ve got any thoughts on this fan art, or on Affleck’s return, leave a comment below. The news now realizes the prospect of seeing a multi-Batman movie, with Michael Keaton also making his homecoming as an alternate-universe Bruce Wayne. Am I right in saying Warner Bros. are effectively making an Into the Bat-Verse film? Sounds too close to Into the Bratwurst for me to take seriously. Now that I’ve mentioned it, though, can we have an Into the Bratwurst movie? I’d totally watch that.