The Batman Will Reportedly Feature More Than Six Villains


It was reported about a month ago, and confirmed by various other sources since then, that The Batman would feature a bevy of the Caped Crusader’s most dangerous foes. Specifically, we’ve been told that Robert Pattinson’s debut as the DC hero will see him face off against six of Gotham’s worst villains. Some fans were worrying if this was too many to be getting on with, but it’s possible that there might be even more antagonists to add into the mix.

We Got This Covered has been informed that The Batman will apparently feature more than just those half a dozen villains we’ve already heard about. We don’t know exactly who or even how many just yet, but our source tells us that there are rumors there could be a secret twist villain in the movie. This surprise character isn’t any of those linked with the film already and though it remains to be confirmed, our intel says that it could be Hush.

At first, having more than six villains involved might seem like way too many, but the high number makes it clear that director Matt Reeves wants to paint a fully-realized picture of Gotham with all the regular rogues gallery on display. Besides, nothing’s saying that all of these characters will share equal screentime, as some may be little more than cameos. It’s unclear at this stage how they’ll all be involved, but dropping Hush into the equation as a twist villain would be hugely exciting. Unlike many of the other antagonists connected to The Batman, we’ve yet to see Dr. Thomas Elliot on the big screen.

Recently, WGTC brought you the identities of the six villains previously known to be in the movie – Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, Two-Face, Firefly and Mad Hatter. And once we hear more on whether Hush is involved in The Batman or not, or who those additional adversaries are, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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