The Batman Is Reportedly Still Years Away From Release


While some believe that The Batman is trucking along at a glacial pace, others are willing to give writer-director Matt Reeves the chance to craft a truly compelling solo adventure for the Caped Crusader.

Personally, I’m alright with Reeves taking his time, as a character like Bruce Wayne deserves to be handled with care and craft – not to mention the fact that the director needs to put together something a little different so that his Batman is able to stand out from the crowd. And if recent reports are to be believed, it seems that the studio isn’t looking to rush him, either.

Revenge of the Fans has shed some light on the whole situation surrounding The Batman today and according to them, while Reeves was hoping to get production going this spring or even summer, with an eye on releasing the pic in 2020, things are moving a bit slower than expected. Apparently, the best case scenario is that the film flies into theaters in 2021, which means it may actually be 2022 before we see it.

Right now, the priority is said to be making the best movie possible rather than just rushing things to hit an arbitrary release date. And to be fair, that’s probably the right line of thinking. I mean, Warner Bros. really can’t afford to have The Batman be a flop. Not to mention that they haven’t even found their next Caped Crusader yet.

Word is though that Ben Affleck is out and Matt Reeves is now looking for a younger Bruce Wayne, presumably so that he can anchor a bona fide franchise in the coming years. If you’ll recall, it’s been rumored that the director and his team are thinking of doing a whole trilogy, one which will give him Nolan-era control over the World’s Greatest Detective. So, with that in mind, it makes sense that he’s eyeing a fresh-faced hero to pick up the cape and cowl as The Batman.

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