New Batman Set Photo Has A Mr. Freeze Easter Egg

The Batman

The Batman will take place in its own universe, but set photos have promised that it’s still a very full version of the DC world. Pics have teased that the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash exist in this continuity, and that this Gotham City is home to many of the Dark Knight’s biggest foes. Now, a new image from the movie’s set in Chicago – where exterior filming is taking place, while the principal cast shoots in the UK – alludes to two more comic book supervillains.

The below photo shared on social media is mostly grabbing attention for the Flash insignia featured in what appears to be a ripped poster stuck up on a wall. However, if you look closer, you can see that there are references to two of Gotham’s worst criminals on display, too. Namely, Anarky and Mr. Freeze.

The poster reads “STAB OUT THE EYE – DESTROY GOTHCORP.” The stylized ‘A’ in the word ‘STAB’ is lifted from the symbol worn by Anarky in the comics, suggesting that the anarchist group that put up this poster is perhaps run by the villain. What’s more, the company they wish to destroy, GothCorp, comes from Batman: The Animated Series. It appeared in acclaimed episode “Heart of Ice,” which told the origin story of Victor Fries.

Fries was an employee of GothCorp until callous CEO Ferris Boyle cut off his funding and indirectly caused the accident that led to his transformation. So, that’s a couple of neat references to the wider world of the Batman mythos in this one poster alone. Whether we could see either Anarky or Freeze in the movie is unknown, but the latter seems a cert for an appearance at some point in The Batman trilogy.

The concept of “stab the eye” also brings to mind the Riddler’s riddle in the trailer: “What is the price for your blind eye?” It’s possible that the villain’s quest to take out Gotham’s elite inspires a revolution of sorts across the city, hence this poster. That would be interesting to explore, though it would also recall similar plotlines in both The Dark Knight Rises and Joker. 

The Batman is set to swoop into theaters on March 4th, 2022.