New Batman Set Photos Show Off The Dark Knight And Catwoman’s Motorcycles

The Batman

The Batman looks as if it’s coming to the end of its troubled shoot. Early in 2020, it was filming on location in London and nearby Pinewood Studios, and then the brakes were slammed on as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Around six months later, they were back on location, but then had to contend with star Robert Pattinson catching the virus. Now, it seems as if it’s all go once more, with recent scenes being shot in Liverpool, England and across the pond in Chicago.

The Windy City has a history of standing in for Gotham, of course, with multiple scenes in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins and The Dark Knight captured on its streets. The Batman looks set to follow suit, with new photos by Twitter user @JoshuaMellin showing the Caped Crusader and Catwoman speeding away on motorcycles over the Wells Street Bridge, as you can see below.

Though we don’t know too much about the movie just yet, it’s pretty clear that there’s going to be a major action sequence taking place on two wheels. Since the shoot began, we’ve seen images of Batman atop a customized bike, Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman with her own ride and we’ve even witnessed Colin Farrell’s Penguin on a vehicle as well. Interestingly, though, the Dark Knight doesn’t have his cape in these shots. That may be for practical reasons, as capes and exposed rear wheels are a dangerous mix, but there’s a chance they’ll simply CGI one into the scene as having a cape flowing around him as he corners would make for some cool imagery.

The video of them side by side probably also confirms that after a confrontational start, Batman and Catwoman are going to form an uneasy alliance. But, as in the comics and other movies, I fully expect to see romance blossom between the Bat and the Cat.

Judging from the amount of work we’ve seen completed on this scene over the months, I’m hoping it’s practically finished. Let’s hope we get a taste of it and the further work on the film done post-lockdown in the next trailer for The Batman.