DC Reportedly Developing R-Rated Scarecrow Movie


Warner Bros. and DC Films may have been very reluctant to give the green light to Joker in the first place, and even actively tried to dissuade Todd Phillips from making it, but after it raked in over a billion dollars at the box office and scored plenty of awards season recognition, you could almost hear the light bulbs going off in the heads of the studio executives.

While no further standalone projects have been officially announced as of yet, you can guarantee that more than one conversation has taken place about additional comic book characters getting their own solo movies that exist independently of DCEU canon. Obviously, Matt Reeves’ The Batman fits in that box, but any project with the Dark Knight involved is virtually guaranteed to be a major success.

Joker producer Michael Uslan named Mr. Freeze as his ideal candidate given the character’s tragic backstory, but a new rumor claims that Scarecrow could actually be next in line, with DC said to be developing an R-rated solo movie for him in the vein of Joker.


Of course, Jonathan Crane became a recurring figure in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy having acted as a secondary antagonist in Batman Begins, with Cillian Murphy’s reserved menace perfectly suited to the nefarious psychologist. Scarecrow was also set to appear in Joel Schumacher’s canceled Batman & Robin sequel, with the likes of Nicolas Cage, Jeff Goldblum, Steve Buscemi and bizarrely Coolio all being linked with the part.

While he’s always been an important figure of the Batman mythos, causal audiences are nowhere near as familiar with the masked villain as they are with the Joker, but if it did end up happening, then the potential is definitely there for an atmospheric psychological thriller set in a heightened comic book reality.