Marvel Fans Think The Batman Suit Is Too Similar To Daredevil’s


The first look at Robert Pattinson suited up as the Dark Knight for The Batman got many fans excited for the new take on the classic superhero. However, some have observed similarities between this look and that of a certain other cowled prowler of nocturnal rooftops.

Daredevil kicked off the series of Netflix’s Marvel shows, and was soon joined by Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. For the most part it remained the strongest of the quartet, and many fans were left disappointed when it was cancelled after its third season. The appearance of Pattinson in the video – a wiry built form revealed under tinted red lighting and a stubbled jaw protruding from an otherwise full head covering – has an undeniable resemblance to Charlie Cox in costume as Matt Murdock, and fans have been vocal in expressing their disappointment at the accidental bait and switch.

It was most likely the video’s mood filter that clinched it, dark crimson being the color most closely associated with Daredevil, not only in the design of his outfit, but also in the show’s visual motifs and cinematography. Had Pattinson been lit in any other color, the link may not have been made. The moment most people realized their mistake was likely when the prominent and intricate Bat emblem on Bruce Wayne’s chest came into focus, which itself lead to speculation that it’s fashioned from the gun that killed his parents in symbolism of everything he’s fighting for.

There’s also the roundabout link between the two characters in that Ben Affleck has played them both, suiting up as the World’s Greatest Detective in the DCEU and also as Matt Murdock in the unfairly maligned 2003 take on the Man Without Fear.

While complicated rights issues will keep Daredevil off our TV and cinema screens for quite some time, The Batman seems to be shaping up as something to look forward to, so hopefully the disappointment caused by the former’s lack of reappearance won’t be too long lasting.