The Batman’s Ending Will Reportedly Be Divisive

The Batman

If you were to take all of the relentless speculation at face value, then The Batman looks to be shaping up for disaster. Innumerable tales of behind the scenes woes, disagreements, arguments, and fallouts have plagued the production since cameras started rolling in January of last year, and that’s without factoring in the more nonsensical tales of leading man Robert Pattinson impregnating Zoe Kravitz on top of the Batmobile, or his COVID-19 diagnosis actually being a hoax to cover up the fact he returned from hiatus out of shape.

Reshoots are set to occur next month, which might be a lot more all-encompassing and extensive than Warner Bros. would like to have you think, with Pattinson and Colin Farrell reportedly heading back to Glasgow and then New York in the near future. The Scottish city was the first location to play host to The Batman when the second unit pitched up almost eighteen months ago, and ironically the Caped Crusader’s reboot will be less than an hour away from The Flash, which has Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton pegged to film in Edinburgh doubling as Gotham City at around the same time.

Insider Grace Randolph has taken to social media and hinted that The Batman‘s ending will prove to be divisive among audiences, and might even be one of the things being altered during additional photography, as you can see below.


Answers on a postcard as to what comic book arc The Batman could be drawing inspiration from, but the list of candidates capable of pissing off the fanbase would surely have to be a relatively short one. We’ve still got nine months to go until the movie hits theaters, but it would be nice to hear some positive news for a change.