Robert Pattinson Thought His Microwave Was An Oven And Exploded It

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has a lot of time on his hands right now. Possibly too much time, as one reporter who interviewed him found out.

With The Batman on hiatus until the COVID-19 lockdown is lifted in the United Kingdom, the star is lounging around in a rented apartment with nothing to do. The interview already revealed that Pattinson is being a bit too chilled about his workout routine as he considers the hyper-strict superhero diet and exercise regime to be harmful. That might be the case, but it appears his culinary skills are also pretty damn dangerous.

According to GQ’s new interview, Pattinson has spent his Batman downtime perfecting a new concept, “a pasta which you can hold in your hand,” naming the dish Piccolini Cuscino (the Little Pillow). GQ’s reporter explained that the concept arose from Pattinson pondering why “pasta didn’t really have the same kind of fast-food credentials as burgers and pizzas.”

So, with not much else to do, he headed to the kitchen and rolled his sleeves up. Apparently, the recipe consists of:

“A giant, filthy dust-covered box of cornflakes, pre-sliced cheese, sauce, sugar, penne, aluminum foil, and water.”

These ingredients seem to have been piled haphazardly on top of one another, with the cornflakes standing in for breadcrumbs as Pattinson didn’t have any bread. Then, while trying to achieve a flambéed crust, the actor set his glove on fire, burning himself.

But the thrills didn’t stop there. Pattinson is being held by Warner Bros. in some kind of luxury apartment in which he isn’t exactly familiar with every appliance, it seems. After placing the foil-covered nightmare into an oven, the reporter asked the star if he was absolutely sure it wasn’t a microwave. Pattinson assured him that he was pretty sure it wasn’t. And then…we’ll let GQ explain:

“Proudly he is walking back toward the counter that his phone is on when, behind him, a lightning bolt erupts from the oven/microwave… Pattinson ducks like someone outside has opened fire. He’s giggling and crouching as the oven throws off stray flickers of light and sound. ‘The fucking electricity… oh, my God,’ Pattinson said. Then, with a loud, final bang, the oven/microwave goes dark.”

Now, I’m sure that the actor is just bored and having some fun with the interview but regardless, ‘Cooking Explosions with Robert Pattinson‘ is much more entertaining to hear about than the usual drivel that pours from the mouths of Hollywood A-listers. Don’t you think?

Let’s just hope that his Batman doesn’t ever have to go up against Maxie Zeus…