Behind the scenes ‘Blade’ issues should be much more of a concern than the PG-13 rating

blade trinity wesley snipes
via New Line Cinema

A lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were up in arms when it was confirmed the Blade reboot would be rated PG-13, and while there won’t be geysers of blood being sprayed on the screen every time the Daywalker unsheathes his sword, it’s not as if the movie needs to be a hard R in order to succeed.

Let’s not forget that A Quiet Place, Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell, and M. Night Shyamalan’s Split were all PG-13, and each of them delivered plenty of atmosphere, intense sequences that struck fear into audiences around the world, and genuine moments of terror that caused plenty of popcorn to get thrown into the air.

Blade‘s potential won’t be defined by whether or not Mahershala Ali is going to be lopping off heads left, right, and center, nor should it be. However, the recent behind the scenes issues to have befallen the production should be a real cause for concern, especially when shooting was scheduled to begin as soon as next week.

That’s obviously not going to happen, but the overriding sentiment being put forward in a recent Reddit thread signals that the majority of MCU fans couldn’t care less whether Blade is PG-13 or not; the real concern they all share is that the sudden departure of director Bassam Tariq throwing the entire operation into chaos could adversely affect the supernatural superhero blockbuster.

It seems highly unlikely that Blade will make that November 2023 release date, especially when the rumors posit that principal photography will be shunted back to early next year, and it’s a much smarter move for Marvel to take their time on this one to make sure they get it right, especially when many Wesley Snipes supporters will always remain skeptical.