Ben Affleck Dons The Armor In New Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice BTS Image

Batman Armor

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice may have fallen flat with critics and taken a hit at the box office this past weekend, but surely everyone agree that the fight scenes were awesome, right?

Either way, while most assumed that the armour worn by Ben Affleck in the movie was CGI, a new behind the scenes image courtesy of Clay Enos reveals that the actor really was wearing the bulky outfit on the set of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Just like in the movie, it looks like it was torn straight from the pages of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

For a fascinating insight into the photographer’s career, the full interview is well worth checking out, but here’s an interesting titbit about working with The Trinity:

“Gal is so beautiful and strong and awesome. She’s a ton of fun and she’s new to the genre of superhero films. But then Henry is the spitting image of the Superman that you have in your head. It’s crazy. When he’s got his cape on and he’s in full costume, you’re shooting Superman. The only other male icon that’s in your head for your whole life is Santa Claus. And then Batman is a giant, hulking awesomeness of dark who presents challenges because his costume is dark. He’s also so awesome that you let it go. On some level it’s just a chin for Ben as Batman. But what a chin it is.”

Enos has been working with Zack Snyder since Watchmen and his photographs really stand out from those that we normally get from superhero movies in the build up to their release. This particular behind the scenes shot is definitely pretty neat and it only makes the wait for the sure to be fascinating featurettes on the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Blu-ray that much tougher.

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