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Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot And More Returning For New Justice League Shoot

Zack Snyder is planning a new Justice League shoot for next month and several stars from the movie will return.

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The Snyder Cut of Justice League won’t be with us until next year, but it certainly seems like the studio is going all out to make it everything the fans are hoping for.

Sure, Zack Snyder isn’t getting paid to finish his cut of the superhero movie, but Warner Bros. have still ponied up a lot of money on the effects budget given the complete re-design of Steppenwolf. Not to mention those lavish visuals we saw in the trailer that debuted at DC FanDome.

Indeed, the studio are no doubt crossing their fingers that the Snyder Cut lives up to expectations and brings in a healthy amount of new subscribers for HBO Max. And just to make sure Zack’s got everything he needs, they’re allowing him to set up a new shoot next month, with several of the stars returning for it.

We Got This Covered reported back in the spring that Ben Affleck was talking to Snyder about coming back for reshoots and now, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed our intel. And it’s not only Affleck who’s set to return, as Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill and Ray Fisher will all be there as well to shoot new footage for the film.

“In October, director Zack Snyder will roll cameras for his extended cut of Justice League, working for WarnerMedia’s HBO Max division on restoring his version of the maligned 2017 movie that he exited because of a family tragedy,” says THR.

“The shoot, which will turn the “Snyder Cut” into a four-episode limited series, is expected to bring back Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman for new scenes. Also set to appear on the call sheet for what is expected to be a week- or so- long shoot is Ray Fisher as Cyborg.”

It’s unclear what, exactly, will be shot and who else may be involved, but obviously, this is pretty exciting news and indicates that the Snyder Cut is going to be a whole different beast than what we saw in theaters. Not that we didn’t expect that already, of course, but this only cements that fact further.

With any luck, then, Zack’s version of Justice League will indeed live up to expectations and give the fans what they’ve been tireless campaigning for for years now.

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