Justice League Fans Are Loving Steppenwolf’s New Design For The Snyder Cut

Justice League New Gods Steppenwolf

There are a huge number of flaws in the theatrical edition of Justice League, which isn’t surprising when the movie is clearly the result of two very different takes on the material being awkwardly stitched together in post-production, but one of the worst aspects of the DCEU’s all-star ensemble is Steppenwolf.

The character is widely regarded as one of the most embarrassing villains that the comic book genre has ever seen, and continued the franchise’s unwanted streak of poorly-realized CGI creations acting as the big bad that also affected Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad, with Darkseid’s minion offering little in the way of threat or menace to the combined might of the Justice League.

Zack Snyder might not be getting paid for finishing his original vision, but the filmmaker clearly knows what the fans want, having already teased Darkseid in the Snyder Cut’s initial trailer. Furthermore, just yesterday he revealed the first look at the redesigned Steppenwolf. The bad guy’s new design is a massive improvement on what Justice League‘s effects team initially cooked up, with fans already going wild over the improved version – as evidenced below:

The Snyder Cut comes burdened with almost impossible expectations, but based on what we’ve seen so far, it looks like it might actually be able to meet them. After all, the 300 director knows exactly what he’s doing by releasing images and footage that address many of the major issues that fans had with the theatrical cut.

In any case, the upcoming DC FanDome event promises to bring us our best look at Zack Snyder’s Justice League yet, and after giving us Darkseid, black suit Superman and a redesigned Steppenwolf already, there’s no doubt going to be something huge in store.